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Center-Based ABA

Center-Based Therapy Model

When considering ABA Therapy programs, parents face many choices when it comes to their child. One important choice is the location and setting for the actual therapy. At Phoenix Autism Center, we believe that center-based ABA treatment offers comprehensible and important advantages over in-home treatment for children. Though in-home can be effective for some, center-based has many benefits.

A center like PAC allows for substantial control over the environment, allowing children to learn more effectively during their sessions. Center-based treatment also allows children to interact with unfamiliar staff and peers, increasing generalization of learned skills. Along with the social interaction this access to peers provides, it also creates a space where children can imitate each other’s behaviors which further supports your child’s social and emotional development. Research demonstrates that participants attending a center-based ABA treatment program significantly increase the number of skills and/or targets learned in each hour of treatment.

Our knowledgeable staff and their training also plays a critical role in the quality of our program at PAC. Research shows that the frequency and quality of supervision is tied first-hand to program outcomes. A center-based program like PAC, allows for more recurrent and superior supervision, which promotes higher rates of mastered targets and skills for each client.

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