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Natural Environmental Training

At Phoenix Autism Center, we are dedicated to providing exceptional early intervention services to children with autism. Our approach centers on Natural Environmental Training (NET), a leading method in applied behavior analysis (ABA) that emphasizes learning in natural settings. This approach ensures that each child’s individual needs are met, promoting meaningful and lasting learning experiences.

Empowering Children Through Natural Environmental Training (NET)

Natural Environmental Training (NET) is a dynamic and flexible intervention method designed to teach skills within the natural environment where a child typically lives and plays. This method leverages everyday activities and interactions as opportunities for learning, making education both engaging and highly relevant to the child’s daily life.

Key Features of NET:

Individualized Learning

Each child’s interests and daily routines are the foundation of our tailored teaching strategies.

Family Involvement

We actively involve family members in the learning process, ensuring skills are generalized across all settings.

Real-World Application

Children learn skills in the contexts in which they will use them, enhancing the transfer of learning and promoting independence.

Our Early Intervention Services

At Phoenix Autism Center, our early intervention program harnesses the power of NET to address a wide range of developmental areas:

Communication Skills:

From basic gestures to complex sentences, children learn to communicate in ways that are most natural to them.

Social Skills:

Interactive play and shared activities help children develop important social cues and relationships.

Cognitive Development:

We engage children in problem-solving and functional activities that stimulate cognitive growth and adaptation.

Motor Skills:

Through play and everyday activities, children refine both gross and fine motor skills.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Phoenix Autism Center means deciding on a path that respects the uniqueness of your child. Our dedicated team of professionals is deeply committed to fostering an environment where children can thrive on their own terms. Here’s why families trust us:


Our therapists are highly trained in ABA and specialize in early childhood development.

Compassionate Care:

We believe in child-led therapy where the comfort and happiness of your child are our top priorities.

Proven Success:

Our methods are evidence-based and have been shown to produce significant improvements in the lives of children with autism.

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